the wood boiler tax credit

Save now and for years to come
Beginning in 2023, consumers buying and installing highly efficient residential wood boiler heating systems may be eligible to claim a 30% tax credit based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit. The credit runs through December 31, 2032. This tax credit is capped at $2,000 annually.

Qualifying Stoves

For a stove to qualify for a tax credit, the wood boiler must meet strict EPA standards for efficiency of at least 75% for Overall High Heating Value Efficiency. A wood boiler must also have emission of pollutants of a total less than 0.15lbs/Million of BTU. Crown Royal Stoves Pristine series meets or exceeds all EPA standards.
7400E Stove Image

Crown Royal Stove qualifying PRODUCTS

Qualifying products are the Crown Royal Pristine Series models 7200E, 7300E, and 7400E as they meet or exceed the qualifying efficiency ratings. Included in the tax credit is any additional products and installation services to connect the wood stove to existing HVAC system.

More Heat from LEss Wood

Have an old, inefficient wood stove. Looking to purchase a new wood stove. With the tax credit currently available now is the best time to consider an EPA certified Crown Royal Stove Pristine stove. Contact us today to start on heating your home and buildings with less wood.

Claiming 30% Tax Credit

DOCUMENTS TO KEEP FOR TAX RECORDS: Keep your invoices for your stove, installation, parts to plumb the stove, labor (all to be included in your cost for claiming the credit) and keep a copy of our Manufacturer’s Certification Statement which you can download from the link below. These are not necessary documents to send in with your tax return. Retain these documents for your records.
CLAIMING THE BIOMASS TAX CREDIT: You need to fill out form 5695, Residential Energy Credits. This form and instructions can be found here: If you need further assistance, please contact your tax professional. The year in which you claim the credit is when the installation of your stove is complete.
Manifacture's Certification Statement