Installation Parts and service

Wood furnace installation is not difficult for the average DIY if you are armed with the right parts, tools and knowledge. Most of the common installation parts are easily found at local big box, hardware, or plumbing suppliers and the few specialty items can be purchased through us. As a homeowner, understanding the installation of your wood furnace system is a great starting point if a future issue arises to quickly fix any issue.

Wisconsin wood furnace is able to assist in the installation of your boiler. Included at no cost with a purchase of a wood boiler is a system design. Additional services provided are excavation to complete installation of the system.

Underground Pex

Underground Pex In Trench
Transferring the heat from your boiler into your home is done through the aide of underground insulated pipe. This pipe is vital to be well insulated with foam and the pex to be oxygen barrier. The heated water flowing through this pipe will be directed into your home and

Water heater and Hydronic Boiler Parts

A hydronic boiler will heat water by burning of natural gas, fuel oil, or propane and this hot water is circulated through your home. Connecting a outdoor wood furnace to a hydronic boiler is very straight forward with a water-to-water exchanger added to your system.  The existing plumbing, water pumps, zones, thermostats, and other temperature controlling components function as they did before.
Plate Heat Exchanger

Forced Air Furnace Parts

Air to Air heat Exchanger
When connecting to a forced air system, a water-to-air heat exchanger will be installed within your furnace's ductwork.  Adding this exchanger will use the existing furnace's house fan to blow air through the exchanger transferring heat from your outdoor wood boiler into the air that is circulated around your house.  A water-to-air exchanger does not affect the normal operation of your furnace and has no impact on your air conditioning in the summer.

Pool heat exchanger

Making use of a wood boiler to heat your pool during the cool months is money well spent. Pool heaters are big expenses on the gas bill. It would only take a few days to heat a normal sized pool with a wood boiler getting additional months of an enjoyable warm pool.
Wood Boiler Heat Exchanger

Other Parts

Taco 0015e3 Pump Image
Other parts such as pumps, valves, pex pipe, connections, elbows, mixing valves, electronic controls and other parts are required to connect any wood boiler to existing heating systems. These are all available from wisconsin wood furnace.

Wood Boilers For Harsh Midwest Winters