End of Season Wood Boiler Shutdown and Cleanout

May 28, 2023

Crown Royal Stoves will provide long life if maintenance is performed correctly. The most important steps is cleaning out your boiler once a year at the end of winter and the heating season. Performing end-of-year cleanout and maintenance on a Pristine or Multi-pass boiler is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. One last hot fire: Throw cardboard or other fast burning material into your stove and turn up the temps on the aqua stat to get a full and long burn. This will soften any creosote in the boiler for the next step.
  2. Shut off the boiler and disconnect power: Turn off the boiler or disconnect the power supply to ensure your safety during the maintenance process.
  3. Allow the boiler to cool slightly: Before continuing any maintenance, ensure the boiler has cooled to a point you can safetly work. Use gloves, a mask, safety glasses, and other protective gear. Be careful to not touch any metal that may still be hot.
  4. Clean the primary burning chamber and cleanout areas: Using a scoop and the provided hoe, remove ash and soot from the firebox, air passages, and heat exchanger tubes. This may need scraping hard until bare metal is seen. There should be no wood or ash left in the firebox or ash cleanout areas. On a Pristine series boiler, this may require taking the side panels off, the square back air chamber, or the top refractory brick to clean the passages for the secondary burn. The Multipass may need extra cleaning on the sides and above the water exchanging tubes. Also make sure all the ash is removed from the ash pan area and clear ash buildup behind the ash pan in the back of the stove. Take special care on any hot ash and embers that may be left.
  5. Inspect and clean the chimney: Check the chimney for any creosote buildup or debris. If necessary, run a chimney brush down the chimney to clean it to prevent chimney fires and ensure proper ventilation. For the Pristine series, the front turbulator cleanout lever should be actuated one more time and the top section by the blower motor should be cleaned out until no ash exists. The Multipass, make sure the top heat exchanger is cleaned out including between the 1st and 2nd heat exchangers and going out into the chimney.
  6. Inspect the door gaskets and seals: Check the condition of the door gaskets and seals. Replace any worn-out or damaged gaskets to maintain a tight seal and prevent air leaks. Adjustments to the doors may be in order to keep the proper amount of force on the door gasket seals
  7. Outside cleaning: This is a good time to wash and scrub the outside of the stove. A car wash soap inside water is a good mix to keep the outside looking clean.
  8. Corrosion Resistance: An extra layer of protection would be to put diesel or 50/50 mix of diesel and used motor oil into a sprayer and coat the firebox. This will give the firebox added protection during the summer when ash buildup mixed with moisture is hard on any stove.
  9. Water Sample: During the off season is a good time to remember to get the annual water sample sent into crown royal stoves.

Remember to follow proper safety precautions throughout the maintenance process. If you're unsure about any aspect of the maintenance or lack experience, consider consulting a professional technician or contacting your local dealer or the manufacturer for guidance. Regular maintenance will help keep your Crown Royal Stoves wood boiler in good condition and improve its performance and longevity.