Keeping a fire going when temperatures are warm

June 10, 2023

In any outdoor wood boiler when temperatures are warm, especially in the fall, keeping a fire from going out when there is wood left in the firebox can be difficult.  This is primarily due to the wood boiler not firing often enough to re-ignite the wood using the remaining coals. By making some simple changes you can keep a fire going in the firebox.

Here are some helpful steps to help keep a fire going when in the shoulder seasons.

1. Adjust the differential to a 5 or even a 3 degree differential leaving the set temperature at 180 degrees.

2. Load less wood more often keeping the burn to a 12-hour burn.

3. On the Pristine series stove, if you see bridging then use small pieces of wood covering the nozzle

4. On the Multipass stove, getting an ash bed established is important.  Take the ashes from the ash pan and put them back into the fire until the ash bed is 2" to 3" above the shaker grates.

5. On the Multipass stove, turn the fan knob to a slower setting, possibly to the slowest setting.

6. Mixing dry (Less than 20% moisture content) and moderately dry (20% to 30% moisture content) hardwood will be best at this time.