Wood Boiler Not Running Troubleshooting Tips

August 15, 2023

Crown Royal Stoves Pristine and Multipass stoves have simple electronics to control the wood boiler's operation.  The electrical controls are off-the-shelf components that are robust in design and simple to troubleshoot and replace.  All components can be bought from your local Crown Royal Stoves local dealer or call Crown Royal Stoves for parts.

Important!  These steps should only be done if you are confident in safely troubleshooting electrical devices.  If you are not comfortable with electricity, call a Crown Royal Stoves dealer or electrician to help.  All electrical testing and repair should be done with the electrical breaker off.  Perform these steps at your risk as there is a serious risk of injury or death.

1. Check the switch is in the "Fan" or "On" mode.

2. Check the power coming into the stove by testing the outlet on the back with a simple light or power tester.  If no power, check the breaker in your electrical panel.  If the breaker is on but no power to the back of the stove, the connection from the powerline into the back of the boiler may have come loose, with the breaker off open the outlet cover in the back and retighten wires to the outlet.

3. Check the aquastat is on and shows the temperature of the boiler.  Make sure the boiler temperature is less than the set temp minus the differential.  If the aquastat is not displaying temperatures when the switch is "Fan", replace the aquastat with the electrical breaker off.

4. If the boiler's water temperature went over 190 degrees then the snap disc has tripped and will need to wait for the temperature to drop below 130 degrees.  If the temperature gets less than 130 degrees and the fan still does not run, check the snap disk.  Snap disks can be checked by first turning off the power at the electrical breaker, removing the insulation in the upper right-hand corner on the back of the stove, finding the snap disk which is a small oblong disk with 2 wires going to it, and jumper the wires together.  Once the jumper is in place and insulated with some black electrical tape, turn the breaker back on and check if the stove runs.  If the stove does run, replace the snap disk, if the stove does not run, reconnect the snap disk and continue to the next step.

5. Pristine series boilers have a timer delay that can go bad.  That should be replaced by turning off the electrical breaker to the boiler, taking off the black cover plate over the aquastat, and replacing the small box that has 6 terminals by keeping the wires in the same position.

6. On the Multipass boiler, if the top fan is running and the solenoid/damper is open but the main fan is not running, it could be the fan speed control.  Make sure the fan control is not all the way to the left which would turn off the the main fan. If the fan is still not running, replace the fan control after turning off the electrical breaker.  The fan may have also gone bad so replace the fan next with the electrical breaker off.

7. If the solenoid/damper is open but a fan does not run, replace the fan after the electrical breaker is turned off.