Crown Royal Stoves Multipass 7500MP

The Crown Royal Stoves 7500MP Coal and Wood Boiler is a versatile and reliable heating solution that is perfect for customers that would like the diversity of a wide range of fuel sources. This advanced heating system is designed to provide efficient and cost-effective heat using the latest combustion technology, which ensures maximum efficiency and minimal emissions.

With a massive 600 gallon water capacity, the 7500MP Coal and Wood Boiler is capable of heating even the largest sized homes or commercial properties with ease. Plus, with its easy-to-use control system and convenient ash removal system, this outdoor wood boiler is designed to make heating your property as easy and hassle-free as possible.
MSRP Price $21,999
Crown Royal Stove 7500MP Front View

Multipass Series Features

409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel Firebox & Water Jacket

Developed to withstand the high temperatures of gasification, 409 Stainless Steel provides the best corrosion resistance, maximum heat transfer and strength needed for the firebox and water jacket.

Shaker Grate

The shaker grate design allows for easy and clean burns and ensures a complete burn of your coal. The automatic forced air blower extends burn time and creates greater efficiency with hotter burns by introducing air under the grate.

Removable Ash Pan

The extra large Removable Ash Pan enables easy cleaning while the large ash pan door allows for easy access.

Ultra-Temp Insulated Stainless Steel Chimney

Stainless steel inner and outer shell for added durability. Double wall insulated chimney allows the chimney to be easily expandable, with interlocking lengths available.

Water Level Indicator

Easy to read water level indicator will keep you informed when additional water must be added.

Easy to use Controls

The Multipass series is thermostatically controlled to offer an even heat throughout your home or business. Our digital illuminated controls are easy to read at all times. Due to their designs they are also economical and easy to replace.

Turbo Draft System

The turbo draft system allows for a cleaner, more efficient burn inside the firebox while permitting secondary gases to be burned before escaping out of the furnace chimney.

Triple Pass Water Filled Heat Exchanger & Stainless Steel heat Exchanger Tubes

The Triple Pass system allows the Multi Pass stoves to have better heat transfer with higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption rates.  It also facilitates secondary combustion while enabling faster heat recovery.

Cost Savings

Crown Royal Stove owners can save approximately 50% – 100% of their annual heating costs. They may also Reduce or even eliminate hot water bills and the dependence on foreign fuels.


Depending on the outdoor temperature and size of the unit, our outdoor furnaces only need to be loaded once or twice a day. Since our units are installed outdoors it eliminates dirt, bark, ash, smoke, soot, or insects from inside your home that may have otherwise been there if an indoor unit were installed. It now stays outside where it belongs. With proper installation requirements you may also melt away snow from driveways and sidewalks.

Manufactured with Safety in Mind

With an outdoor stove you eliminate the risk of a house fire, chimney fire, indoor smoke, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Our unique Firebox Safety Latch System prevents the loading door from swinging open too quickly. Each Crown Royal Stove has been rigorously tested to ensure a durable, dependable furnace. Negative pressure gasification makes for a safer reload.

Easy Plumbing Connections

The back of the stove is well insulated and has a wide area to easily mount valves, pumps and other plumbing parts. The stove comes set with 4 ports to run two sets of loops

Technical Information

Multipass Series 7400MP Specifications

4000 lbs
Estimated Weight
Firebox Length
Chimney Size
Door Size
42" x 30"
Pex Piping Size
Pex Supply / Return
4 Supply / 4 Return
Plumbing Access
Rear Swing Door
Blower Motors Count
Wiring Requirements
120 volts @ 15 Amps
18,000 to 20,000
600 gallons
Approximate Sq Ft
Water Capacity
Approximate BTU
EPA Certified
409 Stanless Steel
Shaker Grate and Ash Pan
Indoor / Outdoor Rated
Yes / Yes
Stainless Steel Firebox
Stainless Steel Water Jacket
Integrated Heat Exchanger
Triple Pass Exchanger
Water Level Indicator
Easy Read Float

Multipass series additional information

Multipass BrochureMultipass manual

Turbo Draft System

Assisting in ensuring each burn cycle is cleaner and more efficient, the Turbo Draft System introduces fresh air above the flame, forcing secondary gases downward to be burned before making their way into the triple pass heat exchanger. When secondary gases are ignited temperatures of the fire drastically increase making the burn more efficient, simultaneously increasing heat recovery, all while lowering the possibility of creosote buildup from gases that escape up the chimney.

As the heat is passed through the multi pass heat exchanger, the natural rising of the heat along with the Turbo Draft System creates a natural, high efficiency draft through the chimney. The triple pass heat exchanger efficiently absorbs the heat in the smoke and exhaust into the surrounding water jacket.

Cleanout is very easy with three different access doors and a shaker grate system on the bottom. All parts of the furnace is easily accessible for ash cleanout. This system allows for the burning of both wood or coal in this furnace.
Wood Boiler Inside Working Diagram

Industry Leading Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal, so we encourage you to become an informed customer and read the fine print!

Some indoor / outdoor furnace manufacturers who advertise that they offer a Lifetime Warranty, actually offer little to no warranty, but don’t disclose the details. Protect yourself and your investment, by always asking to see the full warranty. Our 20 Year Warranty provides you the highest quality, longest lasting indoor / outdoor furnace and warranty on the market.

20 year warranty