CROWN ROYAL Automated Boiler

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Boiler for Automated Biomass Heating

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Triple Pass Heat Exchanger

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Consumes up to 40% Less Wood

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Turbo Draft For a Cleaner Burn of Secondary Gasses

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Shaker Grates and Removable Ash Pan

Biomass Series Specifications

High quality custom designed solutions for automated biomass heating. Can burn a wide range of biomass from wood chips, to wood pellets, to corn and coal.
4000+ lbs
Estimated Weight
92" Plus Fuel Bin
Slab Dimensions
12' x 30'
Pex Piping Size
Pex Supply / Return
2 Supply / 2 Return
22" x 22"
420 gallons
Door Size
Water Capacity
Approximate BTU
409 Stanless Steel
Indoor / Outdoor
No / Yes
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Turbo Draft System

Assisting in ensuring each burn cycle is cleaner and more efficient, the Turbo Draft System introduces fresh air above the flame, forcing secondary gases downward to be burned before making their way into the triple pass heat exchanger. When secondary gases are ignited temperatures of the fire drastically increase making the burn more efficient, simultaneously increasing heat recovery, all while lowering the possibility of creosote buildup from gases that escape up the chimney.

As the heat is passed through the multi pass heat exchanger, the natural rising of the heat along with the Turbo Draft System creates a natural, high efficiency draft through the chimney. The triple pass heat exchanger efficiently absorbs the heat in the smoke and exhaust into the surrounding water jacket.

Cleanout is very easy with three different access doors and a shaker grate system on the bottom. All parts of the furnace is easily accessible for ash cleanout. This system allows for the burning of both wood or coal in this furnace.
Wood Boiler Inside Working Diagram

Industry Leading Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal, so we encourage you to become an informed customer and read the fine print!

Some indoor / outdoor furnace manufacturers who advertise that they offer a Lifetime Warranty, actually offer little to no warranty, but don’t disclose the details. Protect yourself and your investment, by always asking to see the full warranty. Our 20 Year Warranty provides you the highest quality, longest lasting indoor / outdoor furnace and warranty on the market.

20 year warranty