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Pristine Outdoor Wood Boiler Advantage

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Combustion Efficiency of 99%

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Consumes up to 60% Less Wood

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Clean Burning and Virtually Smokeless

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Industry Exclusive Front Handle Turbulator Cleaner

Mutli Pass is tougher than Winter

Multi Pass Outdoor Wood Boiler

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Triple Pass Heat Exchanger

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Consumes up to 40% Less Wood

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Turbo Draft For a Cleaner Burn of Secondary Gasses

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Shaker Grates and Removable Ash Pan

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Pristine Series Boiler Makes Wood Burning Easy and Efficient

Crown Royal's Pristine Series EPA Certified wood boiler is a high efficient and ease to use wood boiler that cleans the furnace with a wave of the hand. The heat exchangers with built-in cleaning turbulators makes daily cleaning only take seconds. Heat multiple buildings with only one furnace while using upto 60% less wood than with conventional stoves.

2,000 to 3,000 sq ft
125,000 BTU
4,000 to 5,000 sq ft
221,000 BTU
8,000 to 10,000 sq ft
325,000 BTU
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Multi Pass Boiler is the Powerhouse of Heat and Longevity

Crown Royal's Multi Pass boiler has a large firebox makes for long burn times that surpass other traditional stoves. An innovative multi-pass heat exchanger extracts heat through an innovative 3 pass chimney that keeps the exhaust rising and the burn efficiencies optimal.

2,000 to 3,000
sq ft
165,000 BTU
4,000 to 6,000
sq ft
275,000 BTU
8,000 to 10,000
sq ft
400,000 BTU
18,000 to 20,000
sq ft
750,000 BTU
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Biomass Multifuel Load And Go!

The automated loading of the firebox makes this ideal for large heating demands for commercial applications. Have your choice in wood chips, coal, corn, or wood pellets. Automated auger feeds the fire with easy to use controls.

Flexabiliity from 300,000 to 950,000 BTU

Biomass Boiler Product Image
Automated Biomass STOVE DETAILS

Made in America

Not all outdoor wood furnaces are created equal. Crown Royal Stoves are built in Internal Falls, Minnesota and are built for the toughest of winters. That is why these boilers have fireboxes made from American 409 stainless steel to give the best performance and longevity. Other manufactures make their fireboxes from lesser grade imported steel. With a 20 year limited warranty on the firebox, Crown Royal stands behind their products for years to come. That is why Wisconsin Wood Furnace only carries the Crowy Royal line of wood boilers.

Crown Royal Key Features

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Industry Leading Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal, so we encourage you to become an informed customer and read the fine print!

Some indoor / outdoor furnace manufacturers who advertise that they offer a Lifetime Warranty, actually offer little to no warranty, but don’t disclose the details. Protect yourself and your investment, by always asking to see the full warranty. Our 20 Year Warranty provides you the highest quality, longest lasting indoor / outdoor furnace and warranty on the market.

20 year warranty

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